Celebrating Ten Years of Vogel Prep!


Has it really been ten years? It seems like only yesterday that we set out to equip students with the tools necessary to realize their potential by creating the most personalized tutoring service in the Valley, but it’s true—we started this business in the summer of 2008, and it’s with a combination of pride, exhilaration, humility, and gratitude that we look back at our first decade serving Arizona students and recall the hard work that it took to get here. But hard work is far from the whole story. We’ve been blessed to live in a community of passionate, engaged tutors possessed of generous hearts and peerless smarts (every Vogel tutor has earned an advanced degree) who are unstinting in their dedication to our mission of providing outstanding services and results to the families who trust us to prepare their sons and daughters to compete in the national landscape of schools and scholarships. To all our tutors past and present who’ve traveled with us on this journey, we offer our most heartfelt thanks.

Our hearts are filled with joy when we remember those first students who came to us in 2008 and see them prospering today. Many of our early students have already gone on to early success in their careers, from medical residencies in major teaching hospitals to law degrees—even starring roles in Hollywood blockbusters! Yet that abounding joy is dwarfed by our respect and admiration for those hard-working students. From the start, our mission was to educate them, but we didn’t realize how much we would learn from them in return. To all the wonderful families who have appreciated and embraced our dedication to great service and attention to their individual needs, thank you for giving us the opportunity to enrich your students’ lives, and for enriching ours in return.

The ribbon cutting at our grand opening in 2008

The ribbon cutting at our grand opening in 2008

When we opened our doors ten years ago, we were part of a franchise. We were proud of the work we did under their umbrella and appreciative of their support, but by 2015, our drive to innovate led to the realization that we needed to part ways and forge our own path. That summer, we changed our name to Vogel Prep to reflect our dedication to our bold vision of a personalized tutoring service tailored to meet the specific demands of today’s students. With the new flexibility afforded to us as an independent company, we expanded our portfolio of services, including:

  • Creating the most personalized tutoring service in the Valley by spending upfront time with the students and parents necessary for designing programs specific to their needs
  • Summer Boot Camps, the Valley’s most successful intensive class programs for SAT and ACT test prep
  • Q-Read, our quality reading program, devised in cooperation with experts to help students improve their reading comprehension and speed
  • Mindprint, a cognitive assessment developed by the University of Pennsylvania examining how individual students uniquely learn and process information, leading to effective personalization of tutoring and test prep programs
  • Test prep services tailored for each school’s needs, based on collaborating with area high schools
  • Offering test prep services for both middle school (HSPT, SSAT & ISEE) and Graduate school testing (GREs, GMATs, LSATs), in addition to our highly successful ACT and SAT & PSAT Test Prep Programs
  • Preparation for many AP subjects—transferable as college credits—to students in both private and group settings that save families thousands of dollars in tuition costs
  • Offering one-on-one subject tutoring to many students struggling with demanding subjects, including Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Spanish, and more
  • Providing targeted, budget-conscious College Admissions Advising to complement our test prep expertise

Many Vogel Prep students have been accepted to Tier 1 & 2 schools, including Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Brown, Duke, Berkley, USC, PENN, West Point, Tufts, Baylor, Vassar, Wellesley, TA & M, and more. Others have elected to stay in-state and attend some honors colleges like ASU, U of A, or NAU with substantial scholarships. We take your children’s success as seriously as if they were our very own; we succeed when they succeed. That’s why Vogel Prep is Your Path to Success.

We appreciate your trust and your business for these past ten years. We’re committed to making the next ten years even better. Thank you.