“I just got back my scores from the April ACT and I am so excited to say that I scored a 34 composite and I now have a 35 superscored! I worked really hard to get my math score up, and because of that, I am so excited to say that I got a perfect 36! I would not have been able to do it without the help of Brent and everyone at Vogel!”

—Lilly N.

“Good news! Sam scores 1490 on PSAT! The tuturing helped him improve. Thank you so much.”

—Saguaro ‘20 Parent

“Vogel Prep is nothing short of amazing. My son and daughter have attended  Vogel Prep for the past three years to prepare for AP exams, finals, and the ACT. The results have been extremely beneficial to their success. I truly appreciate the time and thoughtfulness that goes into creating a plan for the specific needs of each student. Ellie, Tom, and the educators are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. After every session a detailed report is emailed and they always support their suggestions with data. Vogel Prep provides the best tutoring in the Valley. I am an educator and I highly recommend Vogel Prep to anyone looking for great results.”

—Mother of NDP and Chaparral HS students

“Jake earned an 92.7 in the first SS of Algebra 2! (He scored an 83 on the Final.) Thanks so much to Sergio for his time and knowledge and ability to teach Jake to retain!”

—J.G. (Mother of a Chaparral '19 student)

“James has been very impressed with his tutor. He loves his enthusiasm for everything he sees. Julie and I love the updates and the accountability. Thank you all for your help.”

—The Garrison Family

“I got a composite of 31! I got perfect scores for English and Reading, and 25s for Science and Math. Thank you! I am really proud of the English and Reading. Thanks a lot for all your help!”

—AJ, Class of '21 (Improved 6 points after a one-week ACT Boot camp program)

“Blake went up from an 18 in April to a 33 in Reading in June! He only did a few private lessons on Reading and Science and both scores improved. Science went up from a 21 to a 25!”

—Notre Dame Prep Parent

“Vogel Prep knows how to make test takers. At Vogel, my child was transformed and successfully prepared for the SAT. The stellar team provided priceless test taking strategies in a caring, supportive setting. At Vogel, we were always greeted with enthusiasm and passion. After a few tutoring sessions, my child had an SAT score increase of 390 points! Tom understands his students’ hectic schedules and offers creative options. He thoughtfully developed a tutoring schedule to meet the needs of my child. Deania is incredibly responsive and always communicates with clarity. Vogel turned a stressful test situation to a positive. Bravo to Vogel!”

—Julie K.

“I’m writing this to let you know I got my ACT score back this morning. I got a 30! I’m really happy with my score and I’m so thankful for all your help, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. Thanks.”

—C.A., Xavier Student ‘19

“Thank you for letting us know that the 4/14 ACT scores were available. Super proud of C.D. and a huge amount of gratitude to Vogel and the team of tutors who worked with him!”

—Cactus Shadows Parent ’18 (Student went up 7 points on the ACT)

“630 Reading & Writing + 790 Math (only missed two questions!) = 1420!  Thank you so very much for all your help and guidance. You made a difference in his approach, attitude and skills... your encouragement and understanding helped Jack in his success. We appreciate all you have done for him and look forward to a successful college application process.  We will definitely send people your way.”

—A.C., Chaparral High School Parent

“Vogel Prep is top notch. Wonderful tutors. After personalized ACT tutoring sessions, I increased my ACT score from 28 to 32, resulting in an academic scholarship that saved thousands of dollars.”

—G.G., Notre Dame Student

“When I came to Vogel Prep for the first time I took an ACT diagnostic test and did not do well at all. I did private tutoring sessions with Vogel Prep and can’t say good enough things about all the tutors. They are all brilliant, patient, and will work with you on topics that YOU need work on. It isn’t just a generic tutoring program—it’s a custom program that truly treats every student as an individual. I enjoyed my time at Vogel Prep because every time I would walk out of a tutoring session, I felt more confident and more prepared for my test. Vogel Prep raised my composite score 13 points in my tutoring sessions, and my reading score was raised 16 points to give me a perfect 36. I appreciate all the time the tutors took to prepare me for my ACT and left me feeling confident submitting my scores for college applications. Thank you, Vogel Prep!”


"Vogel Prep has been an instrumental part of my children's college test prep and they have always gone above and beyond to make sure they are ready. I have needed them quickly at times due to scheduling issues and they always come through if they can and make me feel like an important customer. I am convinced after having them tutor three of my children that there isn't a better place to go in town and will only trust them to tutor my last two children when they start the testing process. Thank you, Ellie and Tom and your whole professional team, for all you have done for our family! You take a difficult task and make it so much easier!"

—Jen P.

"After working hard with you guys from June-September, Mady took the ACT in October and got a 33. It was her third go-around and it finally clicked, she said. She also wore a watch for the first time which helped with time management. Also happy to report that she was admitted Thursday to Duke University.  We want to thank you for all your work with Mady. She definitely felt like it paid off and was a huge help in her getting the score she needed to get for Duke. Everyone was supportive and accommodating. The instructors were very good and we have recommended you to everyone who has asked. This is a stressful process and we cannot thank you enough for your part in making it a little easier."

A Xavier Mom

"This is the most personalized prep service in town! This team gets to know the student, assesses their academic needs and potential, and creates a plan of action for success--and they get RESULTS!! As a parent and college placement professional, I highly recommend them for students who need any help at all--with current coursework, standardized test prep, reading and/or math skills and more. They are patient, and have the finest and most competent tutors. I think they all have their master's degrees as well! As for commitment, we met at a mutual client's graduation party to celebrate their twins' success!"

—Audrey L., Scottsdale, AZ

"Vogel Prep is accommodating, effective and caring. Their tutors are assisting my son and his teammates from the State Championship winning Saguaro football team, improve their test scores and also learn to be better college test takers. Thank you, thank you!"

—Julie P.,  Phoenix, AZ

"I can’t say enough kind things about Vogel Prep.  All three of my children have been helped by the program.  The  owners,  Tom and Ellie, treat my children like their own. They have a unique way of discerning each child’s personality and skill set and matching that child with the perfect tutor!  The tutor’s are exceptional!  Many have Master’s degrees from the top Universities in the country.  My son needed to be home schooled for a period of time and was able to Skype with a Vogel tutor with a PhD from Berkeley!  The test prep at Vogel is unparalleled.  I credit Vogel tutors with helping my daughter attain the level of Merit Scholar finalist.  She now attends a top University at half price.  My youngest, who is not a strong student also blossomed at Vogel.  He raised his ACT score to a competitive level allowing him to apply to several of his dream schools!  My husband and I added it up- and every dollar we spent at Vogel was returned to us double with savings in college scholarships.  Don’t waste your time or money at any other prep company in town.  The Archers are forever fans of Vogel Prep!"

—The Archer Family

"Vogel Prep really prepared me for the SAT! My tutors told me what to expect on the test, and gave me a lot of practice problems. I also took multiple practice SAT tests, so by the time the real SAT rolled around, I wasn't daunted and felt very confident! When I finally got the score back, it was the highest score I had ever gotten, it was higher than any of my practice scores and I believe that was due to the great job Vogel Prep did at preparing me! I recommend this place to anyone looking for great SAT preparation!"

—Saguaro High School Student


"I cannot thank Tom, Ellie, and my tutors at Vogel Prep enough for giving me the resources I needed to succeed. All of my scores—from ACTs to APs to SAT Subject Tests—improved tremendously with the help of my tutors, saving me a great deal of stress my junior year. Vogel Prep's methods are unbelievably effective, and I truly felt the encouragement, dedication, and support from everyone who helped me!"

—Cactus Shadows HS Senior, attending Brown in fall of 2016

"You have blown away my skepticism regarding the ability to prepare for standardized tests.  I was proven wrong - The results are quite impressive from the perspective that it is possible to train to improve one’s performance in taking these exams. It will certainly contribute to an improved outlook for her selection set of schools." 

—Joe, whose daughter improved from 26 to 32 out of 36 on the ACT test after a Vogel Prep test prep class


"Tom and Ellie are the very best resource for parents and students. They worked with my son and greatly improved his test scores. Worked wonders and my son had many scholarship offers. I would not hesitate to recommend them."

—Parent (Scottsdale Christian Academy) 

"I am a believer.  My senior improved her ACT score from 30 to 34.  My junior got a 33 on her first try.  I approached Vogel Prep because they offered the free diagnostic test to determine which test was better for my child. My junior took the diagnostic test while Tom reviewed the results from both tests my senior had already taken.  I had in my mind which classes might work best for my girls.  However, after reviewing diagnostics and previous test results, Tom determined that a few hours of private tutoring in targeted areas might be more effective.  What I appreciated most about the whole experience was that Tom did not try to upsell, but rather recommended a plan that he thought would be effective that ended up costing me less money.  Dr. Jack was completely effective in helping both girls dramatically improve their reading scores – my senior went from 24 to 35 in reading!!  Of course the other thing that was cool about the private tutoring was the flexibility!  Thank you, Vogel Prep!"

—Parent (Notre Dame Preparatory School)

“Our daughter, an honor student, has always struggled with standardized tests.  Her tutors at Vogel Prep, evaluated and pinpointed her problem areas, boosted her confidence and helped her improve her test taking skills.  With...tutoring, she was able to improve her ACT score by 7 points, a full 28% over her initial practice score.  Now she is exploring enrollment at top tier colleges that she never thought possible before tutoring with Vogel Prep.  Not only have her tutors helped her attain her goals, but they have given her a new level of confidence in her abilities as a student and test taker.”

—Parent (Chaparral High School)

"The Vogel Prep office, led by Tom and Ellie Vogel, did a fantastic job assisting my oldest son in his SAT preparation.  Their staff and efforts helped Andrew to improve his SAT score by 250 points, from his PSAT to his first SAT test.  Not only did he learn the material better through targeted tutoring, but he also gained tremendous confidence, which allowed him to focus and perform better during the test.  The results speak for themselves.  Additionally, my son needed a proctor for an online math course test, and we asked Tom and Ellie if they happened to offer such a service.  They responded by not only researching and becoming certified proctors for the online university, but also to schedule and proctor the test to my son within a couple days of our inquiry.  Their timeliness, flexibility, and willingness to go above-and-beyond their normal services was invaluable and a testament to their focus on customer service.  Working with them has been a wonderful experience for our family."

—Parent (Chaparral High School)                          

"The Vogels helped me navigate the complex process of college admissions.   They guided me through all the options for testing, helping me decide what tests would highlight my skills."

—Student (Saguaro High School)

"I was elated when we got Melissa's scores after going through the...program, she will definitely qualify for scholarships with her score."

—Parent (Desert Vista H.S.)  

“I am absolutely stunned at what a difference your...reading program made in my son's life.  Your reading method was the magic missing key that has opened a world of opportunity for my son.  For years my son has consistently scored several grades behind on standardized tests.  Reading assignments were like a punishment to him.  He would literally cry when he was told to read a book.  He has been tested and had countless tutors but nothing made a difference until we discovered the Vogels.  After being taught your magic reading method my son's standardized test scores look like they are from a different child!  At parent/teacher conferences the first thing the teachers said when I sat down was, "What did you do?"  I wasn't sure what they were talking about until they showed me his test scores.  Instead of being several grades behind in reading comprehension he scored the grade equivalency of a 9th grader even though my son is only in the 7th grade!!!  All of his other scores jumped up too.  He scored at a college level in punctuation!   I literally burst into tears I was so shocked and pleased!   I called you from the parking lot of the school to thank you.    What is even more amazing is that my son had only had just a few sessions with your tutor before  taking the standardized test.  The method literally worked that fast for him.  I  am so relieved to know that the Vogels will continue to be there for my son when he prepares to take the entrance exam for high school and for any exams he will need to enter college.  Thank you!   Thank you!   We are blessed to have met you.“

—Parent (Pope John XXIII) 

"I'm just writing to thank you so much for all of your help with Izzy.  She got a 31 composite on her recent ACT!  She's verbally committed to St. Bonaventure, a small D1 school in New York, where she will apply to the joint medical degree program with George Washington.  She got a large academic scholarship as well as athletic money.  Thanks again for everything, we really appreciate it."

—Parent (Xavier Student)

"My daughter went to the Vogels for their free test to determine the best type of test (ACT vs. SAT) for her personality.  We were so excited about the program we signed up and she raised her score 4 points on the ACT.  This will definitely qualify her for acceptance and scholarships at her two choice schools.  The tutors are very talented and designed their program around my daughter's educational needs.  They even went as far as changing schedules when needed to support her High School sports schedules.  They went above and beyond and really do care about their students."

—Parent (Desert Vista H.S.)

“It was funny going into the program, because I never thought that I needed that much help.  About half way through, I realized how much my grades changed, how much I changed!  It was a wonderful feeling realizing the potential that my mother and [my tutor] saw in me all along.”

—Student (St Mary’s H.S.)

"From the moment we walked in the door...we were made to feel welcome, and we instantly knew we were in good hands.  Having a son with some physical limitations that affect his academic success, it was important to find a tutoring center that would focus on his individual needs and goals.

The prepararion offered by the Vogels far exceeded our expectations. They embraced our son, and showed how much they cared about his success by carefully choosing a tutor that could adapt the curriculum to his unique learning requirements. Our son achieved a perfect score on his Chemistry SAT exam and we strongly feel that he was able to reach this goal because of the confidence he gained by attending the sessions.”  

—Parent (Saguaro H.S.)

"My tutors helped me navigate the complex process of college admissions.  They guided me through all the options for testing, helping me decide what tests would highlight my skills."

—Student (Saguaro H.S.)