Vogel Prep Educational Services offers a full range of services related to the complicated process of determining which college is best for your student, completing applications, visiting colleges and interviewing, and final college selection. Because we understand how daunting this entire process can be, we have designed our menu of service to minimize the stress and anxiety that students and families experience as they prepare to transition from high school to college. From assistance with the entire process to help with any of the individual steps, you can count on Vogel Prep College Advising to be there for your student.

Introduction to College Choices

Vogel Prep College Counselors can assist your student as he or she undertakes the Discovery Phase of the college search.  During this 10-hour phase, we will work with your student to determine what he or she wants in their college experience and make a list of colleges which fit their criteria.  We will then work with your student to research each of those colleges as we refine the college list and and formulate a plan to complete the application process. 

Elements of the Discovery phase include:

  • Determining a preliminary college list

  • Working with your students to conduct research to adapt and refine their college lists

  • Determining an Application Project Plan— complete a college application timeline and formulate a strategy to meet application deadlines (early action, early decision, or regular decision)

College Essays & Application

Vogel Prep College Counselors can assist your student in completing all phases of the college application process. Whether the Common Application, Coalition Application, or Universal Application is appropriate for your student, or whether your student will complete the UC Application, ApplyTexas or another application Vogel Prep College Counseling is ready to assist. We also offer services to help students with every aspect of completing the all-important application and supplemental essay. 

Elements of College Essays and Application Phase include:

  • Working with your student to complete the Common Application

  • Guiding your student in the completion of his or her application essay

  • Guiding your student in the completion of his or her supplemental essays

  • Continuing to refine the college list


College Visits & Interviews

Vogel Prep College Counseling can assist your student in deciding which colleges to visit and when.  We can also assist your student in determine whether and when to take advantage of college “fly-in” visits.  Many also require or recommend interviews. Vogel Prep College Counselors can help your student prepare to take full advantage of his or her opportunity to meet with admissions officials.

College Visits and Interviews includes:

  • Helping students to plan and prepare for college visits

  • Helping students to prepare for interviews and holding mock interview sessions

  • Meeting with students after college visits and/or interview for essential debrief

Á la Carte College Counseling Services

All college counseling services offered by Vogel Prep Educational Services are provided by practitioners who are experienced in the college application process and in college admissions. Vogel Prep College Counseling practitioners abide by strict professional and ethical guidelines as articulated by the National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC) Statement of Principles of Good Practice.

College Decisions Strategy

Vogel Prep College Counselors can assist your  students in making their final college choice. Often that decision must take into consideration factors such as a student’s wishes and needs or the family’s financial situation. Some families may need clarity completing financial aid offers.  No matter what the circumstance, Vogel Prep College Counseling services are there to help your student evaluate his or her options and make the best choice for their educational success. 

College Decision Strategy includes:

  • Assisting students and families in making the final college decision

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Vogel Prep offers help to families that want assistance with the school selection or college essay process.   Because searching for the “perfect fit” college or university is a time-consuming, sometimes stressful process. Writing an "outstanding essay" in a small number of words can be intimidating.


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It can also be a greatly rewarding experience, as there are so many possibilities open to students as to how they will spend the next 4 years of their lives. Vogel Prep’s College Choice program will help students in their college search, by encouraging them to think about the search is a journey of self-discovery. Students will consider some tough questions, such as:  What’s important to you? Where are your career interests? What activities do you enjoy?  What type of college experience would you like to have?  Students will leave this program with a list of colleges that they are interested in and the entrance requirements for each, a timeline for their application process, and guidance on how to write a successful college entrance essay.  Student should bring a résumé with them to the first-class meeting.  Meets one-on-one by appointment over 8 hours.

Prerequisites: a copy of your résumé. Please bring your laptop.


Wondering how you are going to describe yourself and talk about your dreams in 650 words or less while avoiding clichés? Do you want to set yourself apart from the crowd of other college-bound hopefuls?

Vogel Prep’s College Application Essay program is a hands-on interactive way for your student to master writing his or her college application essay and build on the writing skills needed for college success. Our course will cover the essential elements of writing a successful college application essay, helping your student compose a well-written and compelling essay. Students will develop their college essays from scratch, finishing the seminar with a sound essay draft. If your student already has a draft of an essay, we will work with him or her on the process of editing and revision.  A good college essay can help your student’s application stand out from the thousands of applications that colleges and universities receive, and give college admission officers an inside look at what makes your student so special. In this four-day seminar, we will discuss strategies for translating your personal experiences and aspirations into a specific and engaging essay.  This program meets for four (two hour)sessions or a total of 8 hours. College Essay 08 (August) will meet Monday through Thursday for 2 hours each time while the College Essay 09 (September) will meet once a week on Wednesdays from 5-7 pm.

Introductory 8 hr. session: 3 to 6 students, includes an individual review sessions. Additional private hours can be purchased as needed.  Prerequisites: A copy of your résumé. Please bring your laptop.