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English Tutoring and Instruction

  Obama  supports bonus pay for teachers and additional support and training for teachers and principals. Wants to make it easier to remove bad teachers from classrooms. Proposes that all teaching programs be accredited. 

 McCain  proposes alternative certification methods to recruit highly motivated teachers and bonuses for high-performing teachers who work in underperforming schools. Says principals must have greater control over spending and will provide funds for teacher development. Wants to make it easier to remove bad teachers from classrooms.

The ability to write well, to read well, and to summarize information from written sources has never been more important in school, in business, and in life than in today's global economy.

Writing Skills: Solid writing skills are essential at every stage of a student’s education. At Vogel Prep, we remove barriers to writing success by helping students understand the range of techniques available to them to fit the assignment. For example, we teach them how to create more demonstrative titles, descriptive verbs, tasteful metaphors and personifications, and artfully appropriate alliteration and vocabulary. In doing so, we help them create masterful, memorable assignments that often earn the highest scores from teachers.

Reading Skills: Low reading comprehension is often a symptom of passive reading – that is, reading without passion or purpose. Students who take an active interest in reading materials inevitably comprehend more than students who do not. Vogel Prep provides students with reading instruction that includes active reading strategies. Vogel Prep also provides differentiated reading instruction for novels and textbooks, because understanding the method by which information is presented is pivotal in gaining an understanding of the material. To learn more about our special qualified reading program, Q-Read, please click here.

Literature: Literature is the study of writing styles and techniques used by writers to convey information across multiple formats that include fiction, fantasy, history, short story, and poetry. With literature fading in the national agenda, Vogel Prep helps pick up the slack. Vogel Prep helps students identify each format’s unique style and structure to better understand the underlying message and delivery mechanism.  We also teach students to understand a written work's context with respect to era, nationality, heritage, genre, and intention.

Grammar Skills: Many parents are concerned that their students don't get enough grammar instruction during the formative years and that grammar instruction then disappears altogether from view. To many students, grammar is a term that has no clear scope or definition. At Vogel Prep, we seek to remediate grammar’s lost priority by making it simpler and more straightforward. Specifically, we emphasize grammar’s five basic components: comparison, agreement, verb tense, diction and idioms, and word order and sentence structure. The result is grammar lessons that are memorable, beneficial, and enjoyable. This sets the tone for our path to success in high school, college, and life.




Math Solutions for Tomorrow

Vogel Prep provides math instruction that includes strategic methods of solving math problems and simplified with alternative explanations of complex topics. The range of subjects we cover goes from basic (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing real numbers, decimals, and fractions) through intermediate (algebra, geometry, and trigonometry) to advanced (calculus and multivariable calculus). Whether your child is struggling to keep up or needs to gain a deeper understanding of complex concepts, math instruction at Vogel Prep helps your child prepare for the tests of today and meet the complex challenges that lie beyond. Vogel Prep has diagnostics that can help determine whether the problem is basic math, pre-algebra, or algebra I. We will develop a program based on your student's gaps.



Science Tutoring and Instruction

Group Of College Students In Science Class With Experiment

Galileo? Darwin? Einstein? Curie? Pasteur?

Science is the world's future. While not every student is destined to be Galileo, Darwin, Einstein, Curie, or Pasteur, everyone needs to know who they were and their contributions to either astronomy, biology, physics, chemistry, or medicine. Today's elementary and middle school students will encounter courses that include Earth science, life science, and/or astronomy. So, whether your student is passionate about science or is simply just trying to get through it, Vogel Prep provides expert instruction and guidance every step of the way, from lower levels to high honors, IBs, APs, or college-level courses. Our group of scientists are either masters or P.h. Ds in their fields and have lots of teaching experience


As the second semester progresses, consider planning ahead for the AP Exams and/or the SAT II Subject Tests.  

At Vogel Prep, tutors such as Mr. Malcolm Leinwohl are available to help your student prepare for these tests. Mr. Leinwohl teaches Advanced Placement biology at Chaparral High School, where his students consistently score 30% above the national average on the College Board Advanced Placement Biology Test. He is available to actively study with your student either one-on-one or in a small group of students in preparation for the exam. Let them prepare for the unique grid in questions by reviewing the math-based concepts of genetics, Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, and ecology energetics. Practice writing both long and short-format essays, which now count as 50% of the total test score. Analyze guided-inquiry lab data through multiple choice questions on College Board released tests. After a year of studying biology/Advanced Placement biology, Mr. Leinwohl is available to help students score their maximum on these high-stakes tests that could result in college-level credits.


Foreign Languages


Foreign Language Tutoring and Instruction

Muy bien, merci, or guten tag!

While Spanish and French are still by far the most studied foreign languages in America, German, Russian, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, and others are gaining in popularity, fueled by the reality of a new-world economy. Vogel Prep provides expert guidance in all components of learning foreign languages: speaking, listening, grammar, and writing by native speakers. Languages currently supported include:

  • Spanish

  • French

  • German

  • Mandarin




U.S. History

From the first contact to the colonial period, from the Revolutionary War to the war in Iraq, Vogel Prep offers students an understanding of the complexities of US History and the historical figures that have made our country great. Our US History tutoring will help to prepare your student for his or her final exam or support him or her in preparation to earn a passing score on the AP US History exam or the SAT subject test. Our skilled and knowledgeable tutors will make the difference between a good year in US History and a great one.

World History

World History involves the examination on different cultures in their development and growth. Ranging from origins of man to the development of world powers and their interactions, there is a great deal of information for your your student to master. Vogel Prep tutors can assist your student in mastering the key concepts in AP World History and the SAT Subject Test. Your student will master the major concepts in World History, including the development of ancient civilizations, the growth modern nations and states, world religions, the Renaissance, and ancient trade, among others.