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About Our Academics


Tutoring Helps Students

Start ahead. Get ahead. Stay ahead.

Vogel Prep tutors provide focused one-on-one attention, clear explanations, and expert guidance to help students start their classes ahead, get ahead, keep up, or stay ahead in their classes. It all depends on the timing of the tutoring versus the timing of the studying the material. For example, a student can start a new academic year having been tutored on a few chapters before school starts, or he can tutor when he is taking the class to keep up or get head. 

Vogel Prep offers academic support for:

  • Advanced Learning - For ambitious or adventurous students who want to stay ahead of their classes or learn an entire subject in advance of taking it, Vogel Prep's Advanced Learning programs provide specific unit instruction or entire courses over the summer, which is a great way to start the academic year. We offer this kind of tutoring for AP courses, which require different study skills than regular high school courses.

  • Homework Help - Teachers usually base student grades on four components: homework completion, written projects, test performance, and class participation. Vogel Prep’s homework help tutoring assists students in all four of these areas. Our expertly trained tutors help students master and complete their homework on time, craft high-scoring essays, prepare for tests, and feel confident and comfortable participating in class discussions.

    • English Tutoring

    • Reading Tutoring - QRead - Our reading program provides techniques and tools that can be implemented for all subjects.

    • Math Tutoring

    • Vocabulary Building

    • Science Tutoring

    • Foreign Language Tutoring

    • Science Tutoring

  • Remediation - One-on-one tutoring can reduce the amount of time it takes to catch up with a subject, because students can focus on specific areas of difficulty. We offer remediation assistance in all major school subjects as well as in the core areas that are tested in standardized tests such as math, reading, and writing.

  • Academic Enrichment - Vogel Prep provides enrichment programs that feature skill building across virtually all curriculum strands.

    • Academic Advising

    • Academic Planning

    • College Counseling

    • Application Essays

    • Test Prep Planning


Grades K-8

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Poor grades can be as frustrating for your child as they are for you. Vogel Prep gives students all the tools they need to succeed. As a company of professional tutors, rather than college students or recent college graduates, Vogel Prep specializes in tutoring that features customization, adaptability, flexibility, encouragement, sensitivity, and expertise. The results your student's accomplishments will make you both proud. At Vogel Prep, we have experienced tutors with master's degrees that can help your student in languages (Latin, Spanish, German, French, or Mandarin), sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, or Earth science), math (arithmetic, general math, all levels of algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, trigonometry, or calculus), social sciences (US history, world history, European history, or economics), or language arts (English reading, writing, literature, or grammar).


Vogel Prep's proprietary Q-Read reading and study skills program transforms struggling students into star students by teaching them a series of methodologies and advanced reading techniques. Skills and strategies include qualified reading, active reading, time management, test taking, note taking, data organization, and more.


Whether you like them or not, benchmark tests such as the HSPT (High School Placement Test), SSAT (Secondary School Admissions Test), ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam), COOP (Cooperative Admissions Exam), Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools (TACHS), and Arizona's Instrument to Measure Standards (AzMerit) are a staple in the academic landscape. How well your child performs on these tests will either limit your child's potential or propel her to greater heights. Vogel Prep gives each and every student the best odds of excelling on these tests with its powerful Test Prep programs that combine of master's degree instructors, revolutionary strategies, and skill-building expertise.  Since 2008, Vogel Prep's students have been treated to a degree of success unrivaled in the test preparation industry and in the Valley. Our results have helped students reach their academic goals of attending any of the preferred local high schools or boarding schools out of the state.


Vogel Prep Summer School Programs give students all the advantages of summer school. We offer one-on-one sessions as well as some small group classes. Imagine what can be accomplished without school or sports competing for your student's attention! At Vogel Prep, we take summer schooling seriously, so you get your own master's degree teacher to work with you one-on-one and avoid summer learning loss. All Vogel Prep's Summer School one-on-one classes can be arranged at times that fit your family's personal schedule. You can elect to review a subject from the previous school year, get ahead on a subject for the following year, or enhance skills that can be used across disciplines.


High School

Tailored Services for Grades 9-12

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Vogel Prep works with high school students to help them establish high grades and test scores that make colleges notice them. A good GPA and good test scores are two important factors to get the attention of colleges and universities.


Don't let your student give up. Don't let them get frustrated. At Vogel Prep, we see change happening every day! Students have gone from C to A grades, and even A to A+ grades! It is just a matter of time and patience. With the expert guidance available at Vogel Prep, your student will see dramatic results. Tutoring at the high school level requires real expertise. Our tutors possess not only a thorough understanding of their subjects but also test-taking skills, reading skills, study skills, and the wisdom that only comes through teaching experience and having earned advanced academic degrees.

All of our tutors have master's degrees, subject expertise, and teaching experience. All of our tutors have been selected because they have interesting personalities and a commitment to excellence. The result – your student gets the tutor he or she needs, and you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have given your student a chance to meet and exceed his potential. Better grades are just the start. Our students average a full grade point higher after only a few months of tutoring. The increased confidence that comes from expert tutoring is absolutely priceless.


The Q-Read Program significantly improves student confidence and performance. This program has been developed based on the premise that not all materials are equal and that we need to qualify our material before approaching it. We have developed strategies that will become your student's tool kit for life. Our Q-Read experts help students become highly effective readers.


  • Prose

  • Textbook

  • Recreational Reading


The results of your students' scores will get them noticed because we build skills that last a lifetime. Vogel Prep provides students with the most innovative, creative, and successful test preparation regimen, taught by Vogel Prep's professional instructors. The results speak for themselves. No one in the Valley does test prep better than Vogel Prep Tutors.

Vogel Prep students have a long history of achieving outstanding results on benchmark tests. That fact can be attributed largely to our personalized approach and expertise in adopting revolutionary test preparation strategies that fit your student! Only by understanding a test's underlying characteristics can a student meet or exceed his potential. We employ a holistic approach to test preparation that includes the utilizing the best tutors, exploring test design, implementing strategic solutions, and practicing on hundreds of test questions!

At Vogel Prep, we expect to see SAT result gains of 100-300 points on average after our 24 hour package for the old SAT. We have seen higher (520 points on a recent test). We have seen ACT result gains of 3-7 points, and our record is 11 points. If a student is willing to work hard and willing to embrace our strategies, then the student will improve. We have also had perfect scores for both the SAT and the ACT.

Not sure whether the ACT or SAT is your best test? Take Vogel Prep's ACT vs. SAT Comparison Test and have the opportunity to review an in-depth document that details strengths and weaknesses on both tests and provides a summary analysis of your performance!


Practicing for major tests by taking real practice tests, under real conditions, gives students immeasurable benefits. Learning to manage sugar levels and sleep as well as coping with test fatigue, familiarity with test scoring rules, having the opportunity to see and take real tests, and fighting the anxiety that naturally comes along with standardized testing can all be powerful tools in building confidence and scores. Vogel Prep's center offers “Actual Conditions” practice tests several times per month. To register for a practice test, contact our office at (480) 990-7374, or register online.


This one-week (ten-hour) class focuses on the college application process by assisting students with their college application essays. The class focuses on completion of the Common Application or application essays for other colleges. Strategies for choosing appropriate topics, overcoming writer's block, and editing/revising the essay will be discussed.

Students should bring a copy of the application on which they wish to work and their laptop computers. Those without portable computers may be able to use Vogel Prep computers, but computer availability is limited. Space is limited, so please RSVP soon if this is of interest to you.



College tutor with student


The need for tutoring support does not end with high school—most college students have times when they need to supplement their college lectures and labs with tutors who are experts in their field. Vogel Prep has the most expert group of tutors you can find in Arizona.

All of Vogel Prep’s tutors have at least a master’s degree and expertise in their fields, such as advanced math, physics, chemistry, biology, English, literature, history, and writing.

With these qualifications, Vogel Prep tutors are capable of helping college students with almost any subject. Whether a student is stuck on homework, reviewing for an important exam, struggling with an important concept, or wanting to get a head start on a new subject next semester, our tutors are available to help. We're here seven days a week, by appointment. And don’t forget that we have private tutoring programs for graduate school exams: LSAT, GRE, and GMAT. Click here for more information about graduate school testing.

Call (480) 990-7374 or stop by to learn more about specific tutors and our programs.