Q-Read is a reading and study skills program initially developed for students in middle school. It has since been adapted for all levels of high school and even college. It provides all the resources that students need to prepare them for success at the high school or college level.

Vogel Prep’s Reading Program, Q-Read, significantly improves student confidence and performance. Based on eight years of experience and results obtained by our students in both academic and standardized test scores, we have evidence that our program is extremely successful. Q-Read is an excellent tool for students who do not enjoy reading or need to improve their reading test scores significantly.

Q-Read is a comprehensive reading program that provides your student with the tools necessary to make learning fun. A student who goes through our Q-Read program will enjoy lifelong learning and years of personalized entertainment.  Homework and long reading assignments will become less stressful, and improved comprehension will reduce re-reading or arduous reading experiences.

Qualified Reading

Not all reading materials are created equal. Thus, they all need to be approached with a qualified strategy in mind. Each type of material requires a deliberate reading approach. Textbooks and scientific articles require a lot more attention to detail (i.e. titles, subtitles, and visual objects such as tables or graphics). Magazines and newspapers can be browsed for pertinent context, as they usually contain a catchy headline that sums up the article, paragraphs that are well organized with some background, facts scattered throughout, and the author's main conclusion is usually explicitly stated. Biographies, novels, and plays are usually built around a major protagonist or event to be discussed and analyzed. Students must learn to qualify the type of reading material at hand to develop a suitable approach. Reading a novel for a school assignment or reading the same novel for fun will require different strategies, thus our students learn to deploy different tools to approach the reading in an academic fashion. This makes our readers more efficient with their time.

The Q-Read Program can make a big difference in your student's learning journey. Let our team of experts expose your student to our techniques and tools, so your student can be competent in school and beyond. Call us today to discuss how Q-Read can change your student’s school performance and future opportunities, while armed with effective tools and strategies that will propel them to a life of success!