Study Skills


Not all students learn the same way. Thus, the teaching style and approach can make a real difference depending on whether it matches a student’s primary learning style. Students who are auditory learners enjoy listening activities, while the kinetic or experiential learners enjoy doing experiments or going on field trips. Visual learners prefer observing rather than talking and retain detailed information when presented in flows and charts, pictures, or diagrams. 

The study environment and the kinds of activities for each type of learner has to be ideal for optimal learning, because no two learners are exactly the same. At Vogel Prep, we start with a diagnostic assessment of how your student learns and then we develop a custom program that improves their skills in time management, organization, memorization, test taking, note taking, and problem solving. Usually, students struggling in multiple disciplines have issues because they do not study under optimal conditions or do not have tools that will help them overcome their own learning styles. 

So, if any of your students bring a report card with low grades in multiple subjects, give Vogel Prep a call and we can provide them a learning styles diagnostic. This is the first step in understanding how they learn and in determining how to help them improve their study skills. If you would like to schedule this diagnostic, please contact us or email us at