Q-Read: Quality Reading

Yes, Reading Really Is Fundamental!

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.
— Joseph Addison

Is your student a struggling reader? A reluctant reader? A middle school student nervous about high school reading requirements? Or a high school student concerned about the challenges of the reading passages on the ACT or SAT tests? Perhaps a future college student concerned about the imminent load?

Vogel’s unique Q-Read: Quality Reading was designed by expert teachers to help middle and high school students improve reading speed and comprehension and develop the skills needed to successfully handle both classroom reading and reading test requirements. Q-Read students learn to:

  • Read fluidly and fluently
  • Avoid common reading problems
  • Vary reading speed to suit the text
  • Dive through text to build comprehension
  • Solve the mysteries of complex or unfamiliar text
  • Become confident readers and problem solvers 

Flexible Scheduling

Q-Read can be scheduled as a series of private tutoring sessions on your schedule, or as a one-week small group or summer class on the scheduled provided. In either case, students work with an experienced, expert Vogel tutor who is passionate about reading and helping students improve their reading skills.

Register online or by phone at 480.990.7374 to reserve a space in the Q-Read Summer Program; it’s the perfect time to build better reading skills. The benefits of improving your skills will show up in academics, test prep and lifelong learning.