Boot Camp: Get Ready, Get Set, Succeed

By Sue Fulton, Vogel Prep Instructor

ACT or SAT Boot Camp: Sound intense?  It is, but it’s also an excellent option for busy high school students. If heavy homework loads or extracurricular activities make it difficult to schedule test prep during the school year, Vogel Prep’s Summer Boot Camp is the answer.  One week of intense preparation provides students with the skills and tools needed to successfully tackle the challenges of the ACT or SAT college admissions tests.

This summer we offer five camp options: two for the SAT and three for the ACT.  Each camp runs for five days: Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM-4:30 PM. Every subject is taught by Vogel’s team of expert instructors; each instructor holds a graduate degree in the subject(s) they teach, and has a passion for helping students earn their best scores.

What does it take to earn a high score?

Students need the required math, reading, language, and writing skills for whichever test they choose to take.  We help students find the gaps in their knowledge, and then build content skills.

Students need strategies to comprehend test content, analyze question and answer options, and manage their time effectively.

Students need to recognize and effectively manage the physical and emotional demands of these tests.

Students need test practice—a lot of it—to build confidence, refine skills, and prevent surprises on test day.

Boot Camps start soon and spaces fill quickly; register today to ensure a place for your student!