Build a Long-Lasting Memory

5 Tips to Build a Long-Lasting Memory

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Having a robust memory can serve you in myriad ways—from keeping tabs on your daily to-do list, to recalling vocabulary words when it comes time for the SAT or ACT. Improving your memory can meaningfully boost academic and real-life performance, but as is the case with most skills, it requires practice.

Here are a few helpful tips and exercises to keep your memory in tiptop shape, so that no matter the task at hand—an AP exam, the SAT or ACT, day-to-day tests and schoolwork, and more—your mind will be top form.

1.      Learn Something New

Acquiring new skills and information requires a higher level of attention than most tasks, forcing your brain to work harder and more carefully to retain fresh details. New material gives your brain a workout, in addition to being both practical and rewarding.

2.      Get Moving

Everyone knows the physical benefits of regular exercise—but did you know that just twenty minutes of daily aerobic movement can boost your brain power too? Getting your blood pumping is an excellent way to boost your mood, memory, and energy levels; even miniature exercise breaks can help refresh your brain, break up study blocks, and aid attentiveness.

3.      Catch Some Zzzz’s

Getting a good night’s rest is especially important when you’re young and your brain is still growing. Aiming for 7 to 9.5 hours of nightly sleep allows ample time for your brain to recover from the day, which clears the path for best performance the day following. Your memory will be ripe for its best work the morning after a proper night’s rest.

4.      Stress Management

Not only does stress take a physical toll on the body, but it can negatively impact mental health and performance. Whether you take some time for yourself at the end of the day by strolling around the block or playing music, or if you prefer to meet up with a friend for a meal and movie, allowing for downtime provides a boon to both your memory and mental ability.

5.      Mind Your Diet

Just like exercise is a valuable tool to boost memory, what you eat is just as important. Studies show that foods rich in Omega-3’s make for a healthy, fully functional brain. So try a study snack like almonds, or a tuna sandwich, to give your brain the fuel it needs to perform at its best.

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