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About Vogel Prep

Vogel Prep is a tutoring and test prep resource, which helps students excel, due to its excellent tutors and proprietary strategies and solutions that really work. At Vogel Prep in Scottsdale, we are proud to provide the best tutoring and test prep options in the Valley. This is the reason why we have students coming as far as Prescott and Ahwatukee. Our location provides a safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment, away from the distractions of home, with subject experts who can respond to those questions that your children can no longer answer at home.

We know that when you make the decision to hire a tutor or to enroll your child in a class outside of school, you do so because you feel it will help your child in a way beyond what is already available to him or her. For example, you might enroll your child in a test preparation program, a reading and study skills program, math program, or a reading and writing program. Vogel Prep respects every family's right to make this decision and provide excellent options, from remediation to advance learning to test preparation and more. 

Vogel Prep knows this is an investment in time, effort, and trust. When given the opportunity to support a student and his or her academic goals, we will be the obvious choice and strategic partner. Vogel Prep is the company you want for your student, with excellent tutors, strategies and proprietary strategies that really work. To speak to an expert about how we can help your child soar, call Vogel Prep Scottsdale today at 480.990.7374.

How can we help? If your students have an up-coming test, like the HSPT, SSAT, PSAT, SAT, or an ACT, you are encouraged to enroll your student in a test preparation program or class. Maybe you are not sure which test (ACT or SAT) your child should take for applying to college or how to prepare for college. Your student could start by taking our diagnostic Comparison Test (ACT vs. SAT), where he or she will learn which test fits his or her skill sets best.

Vogel Prep is not all test preparation, either; there's a lot of tutoring available for academic improvement as well. Vogel Prep can help improve grades or deal with test anxiety in all subjects, ranging from Mandarin to Physics and everything in between. One of our tutoring center directors (Tom or Ellie) would be happy to discuss your child’s tutoring needs and will guide you through choosing the right program that could include any of the following: a Reading and Study skills program, a Math program, a Biology or Chemistry Program, or a Reading and Writing program...

To speak to an expert about how we can help your student soar, click here to learn more.


Vogel Prep's test preparation program has a long history of helping students achieving outstanding results on benchmark tests such as the: ACT, SAT, ISEE, SSAT, HSPT, AP, LSAT, GRE, GMAT or SAT Subject Tests. We can also assist with State Specific Tests like the AIMS. That fact can be attributed largely to Vogel Prep’s expertise in developing revolutionary test preparation strategies. We help students understand the underlying characteristics unique to their targeted tests and enable them to meet or exceed their testing potential. Vogel Prep employs a holistic approach to test preparation which includes exploring test design, implementing preparation strategy and practice testing utilization of hundreds of authentic test questions.

When you choose Vogel Prep Scottsdale's test preparation support to help with prepare for that big test coming soon, rest assured you're choosing the best. Our test preparation study manuals are state of the art! Our "Mastering" series of books provides our students with exclusive strategies, practice questions and test preparation insight available nowhere else. When you combine our test preparation program with the support of Tom and Ellie Vogel (owners and directors), who will guide you through making all the right decisions at all the right times, you have the support you need and the confidence required to soar above your students’ goals.

Not sure which test (ACT or SAT) to prepare for? Don't worry! Vogel Prep has developed a single diagnostic tool that can predict a student’s relative performance on both tests, and it will help identify if there is a statistically significant difference to just focus on one or the other test. At Vogel Prep Scottsdale, we have tested thousands of students over the last six years, and our test has proven to be very useful as a first step in the decision making process.

Start by taking our ACT vs. SAT comparison test. See our schedule for the next available testing date.



• Remediation
• Advanced Learning
• Homework Help
• Academic Enrichment

Remediation Tutoring: When students dread going to class because they can’t keep up with course work, are having trouble completing their assignments, or are becoming frustrated because they just don't understand the subject matter, Vogel Prep can assist with its remediation tutoring. Our tutors provide focused one-on-one attention, clear explanations and expert guidance to help students keep up with their classes.

Advanced Learning: When ambitious or adventurous students require tutoring to stay ahead of their classes or learn an entire subject in advance of taking it, our advanced learning programs provides specific unit instruction or entire courses. Whether during the summer or the school year, advanced learning is a great way to get ahead and stay ahead.

Academic Enrichment: No student should be held back from learning a subject that interests him or that can help him get ahead in any chosen academic or career path. To that end, we provide enrichment tutoring programs that feature skill building across virtually all curriculum strands.

Homework Help: Teachers usually base student grades on four components: homework completion, written projects, test performance, and class participation. At Vogel Prep, our homework help tutoring assists students in all four of these areas. Our expertly trained tutors help students master and complete their homework on time, craft high-scoring essays, prepare for tests, and feel confident and comfortable participating in class discussions.

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