AP Exams Can Boost Your College Experience

The time and money saved by applying qualifying AP Exam scores to college credits can be utilized in plenty of ways, and the advantages don’t end at the monetary level, either. Taking an AP exam and garnering a successful score can impact college students’ experiences by allowing them to:

   1.      Qualify for merit-based scholarships

   2.      Demonstrate specified knowledge of a particular field, i.e. – if you are applying to a specific program within a university, like engineering, language, etc.


3.      Opt out of requisite “general education” introductory courses

4.      Explore other fields of study and career tracks

5.      Add a second major or supplemental minor

6.      Free up time for an internship

7.      Study abroad

8.      Graduate early

Another advantage to AP courses is the practice it provides students in preparing for college. AP courses require a more in depth knowledge of the material, while AP exams invite students to dig deep and challenge their preparatory and comprehension skills—skills that are often put to the test during the high school to university transition.

The College Board also notes a distinct correlation between those students who took AP courses in high school and those who go on to graduate college in four years. Many do not realize that a majority of college attendees take between five and six years to earn their Bachelor’s degree. By enrolling and succeeding in AP courses, students enjoy the potential of shaving a year off their anticipated graduation time. With college tuition prices on the rise across the country, a year saved can amount to thousand or tens of thousands of dollars back in your pocket.

Overall, there are only upsides to enrolling in AP courses and successfully scoring well on AP exams—financially, educationally, and strategically. However, AP courses grant a student distinction for a reason: they require much more preparation, dedication, and diligence. One surefire way to keep a student’s GPA and test scores going strong is to pair AP class enrollment with dedicated, tailor-made tutoring. AP classes are challenging, and though the benefits of succeeding in an AP setting are comprehensive; success requires organization and hard work—attributes that best applied by an experienced, knowledgeable, and steadfast tutor.

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