AP courses and exams in college admissions process!

What factors catch the eye of an admission committee when applying to college? Most people assume that the foremost factors are test scores and grade point average (GPA)—a generally correct assumption. However, in this day and age, when admission to college is more competitive than ever, an admissions profile is best rounded out by enrollment in Advanced Placement (AP) courses.



To a potential university, AP course participation indicates a student’s eagerness to challenge his or her self, as well as his or her capacity for subject matter that requires a greater level of detail and preparation. In other words, enrollment in AP courses shows that a student is committed and serious about their studies and has gone above and beyond the average student’s level of participation.


According to a recent study by The Washington Post, 16.1% of students in Arizona took an AP course and scored a 3 or higher in their final AP exam. On a national level, 22.4% of all public high school students scored a 3 or higher on their respective AP exams. By the numbers, a successful showing in an AP exam most certainly sets a student apart from the pack. By scoring a 3 or higher in just one AP exam, a student has a distinct advantage over 77.6% of students nationally.


To boot, successfully passing an AP Exam—which varies per institution, but oftentimes means scoring a 3 or above—can count towards college credit. Not only does this save students valuable time once he or she is enrolled in university, but it also saves money on tuition fees.


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