Students Can Overcome Math Anxiety

Here are 4 Reliable Ways
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When it comes to math, some students draw a giant, agonizing blank when tasked with a set of homework equations, or worse, just before test time. If a student balks when faced with basic math computing challenges, then it’s far less likely that he or she will be equipped to tackle more complex concepts, let alone the math portions of the SAT or ACT.

That’s why at Vogel Prep we have assembled four memorable methods for grappling with math-based anxiety, so that when test time arrives, your student has the mental tools he or she needs to power through:

1.      Always Be Prepared

This may seem like a no-brainer, but much of math-related anxiety is due to a lack of understanding of the subject matter. Because math allows little room for error, students often become overwhelmed with anxiety when approaching a problem. Perhaps the healthier alternative is to meet the material with confidence. Asking for clear illustrations during tutoring sessions—even when it seems redundant—is essential to combatting anxiety.

2.      Master the Basics

Many math mistakes are either careless errors or lapses in foundational knowledge. Tackling multi-step equations becomes far less daunting when students recognize all the components and solve each problem piece-by-piece, applying a clear execution of basic math. Likewise, doubling down on basic math skills lessens the potential for silly calculation mistakes. Students can approach math with poise when they are confident in the tools at their disposal: basic mathematical dexterity.

3.      Put Pencil to Paper

Whether tackling the SAT, ACT, or any other math test, anxiety tends to rear its head when students don’t know where to begin. That’s why it’s so beneficial when parents, tutors or teachers encourage students to write down their work by hand, including formulas, equations, and the known steps necessary to complete a math problem. By writing it all down, students take the burden off their mind to abstractly sort through processes and calculation work. This method also helps students stay organized and on task.

4.      Develop a Personalized Strategy for Math Test Prep

Each student is unique, complete with his or her own learning style, goals, weaknesses, and strengths. A tailor made approach to math—whether prepping for the SAT, ACT, an SAT Subject Math Test or an AP Calculus exam, or otherwise—is a reliable way to combat anxiety and aid in overall test preparedness. Likewise, small group or one-on-one math tutoring can provide students the extra time and attention they need to alleviate academic anxiety. Extra face-time with a math tutor means more room for questions, strategizing, practice, and review.

At Vogel Prep, we offer a variety of tutoring services to help students overcome the number one stumbling block when it comes to success in math anxiety. Through one-on-one tutoring or small group classes, we equip students with core knowledge and academic strategies so that they can take on math with pride and self-assurance.  

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