Why Are Math Skills Essential?

They Improve Cognitive Abilities

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“When will math come in handy?” When faced with tough algebraic concepts and geometry equations, many young learners ask this question. But the value of math extends far beyond the classroom. First consider that a well-rounded aptitude in mathematics is essential to scoring well on major exams, from AP tests to the SAT and ACT. What’s more, exceptional math skills are foundational to much of life outside of high school or college: opening a bank account, tracking expenses, excelling in many chosen career paths, and even an activity as basic as following a recipe.

With that in mind, mathematics must play a pivotal role in a child’s educational strategy, whether brushing up on basic skills or prepping for a school Math test, an SAT, ACT or SAT Math II Subject Test. Here are three key ways that building math skills are essential to overall cognitive ability:

1.      Building a strong foundation in math makes learning easier in the long run.

When students struggle with basic math concepts, it becomes a far more challenging task to learn more complex mathematic maneuvers. Without a solid understanding of rudimentary math moves—like basic algebraic equations, for instance—tackling higher level math material proves near impossible.  The SAT alone covers algebra, data and graph analysis, rates, ratios, functions, quadratic equations, aspects of geometry, and much more. So, if your child is struggling with basic algebra, then the SAT or ACT math sections will undoubtedly be challenging.

2.      Math Ability is Tied to Reasoning Skills

Conquering math concepts improves overall academic recall, whether related to special reasoning or even language skills. Our brains actually build neurological pathways when we practice problem solving exercises. Success in math requires the ability to draw reason-based conclusions, encouraging your brain to make meaningful connections between concepts. In turn, a solid conceptual understanding of math—rather than rote memorization—strengthens logic and the ability to reason, which are often at the heart of becoming a good problem solver and eventually a good test taker.

3.      Math is a Desirable and Underrepresented Skill-set

Currently, educated workers in STEM fields—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—are in high demand. A higher demand for STEM employees also commands higher salaries for eligible personnel.  American employers are struggling to close the gap between high demand for skilled STEM workers and the availability pool of potential workers that possess these critical skills. Thus, proficiency in math is not only essential to high school performance and becoming a competitive college applicant, but it also relates directly to becoming a sought after job candidate in the future.  

Before conquering high stakes test like: PSAT, SAT or ACT; or showcasing exemplary math skills to potential colleges or employers, the ideal first step is to improve your student’s basic math skills. Knowing the ins-and-outs of mathematics at a conceptual level not only paves the way for future test-taking success, it will also boost your brain pathways and academic confidence as a whole.

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