SAT vs. ACT: Which Test Is Best for You?

Since both the SAT and ACT are acceptable for colleges, how do you decide which take to take? The tests are a bit different, and some students might do better on one than the other, depending on the student’s thinking style, academic knowledge, time management, and test-taking savviness. So how do you find out which test is best test for your student? You expose and test them on both tests’ formats, then compare the results and discover if one is more favorable for your child.  

How can we expose students to both formats? Here are some options:

A) Have your student take a real SAT and a real ACT

B) Compare the scores from the PSAT with an ACT (real or practice) test 

C) Take Vogel Prep’s free ACT vs. SAT combined comparison test


Option A can take a lot of time and planning: Registration might require several months of preparation, and results come back a few weeks after taking them and then be permanently on your student’s profile. Options B and C can be done quickly at our center. Schedule them at your convenience. If you have any of the results listed on A, B or C and would like to consult with one of our experts, please call 480.990.7374 to make an appointment. It’s not too late to strategize on how to boost your student’s test scores and assure your student a spot at his or her college of choice! 

For some colleges, the ACT replaces both SAT and SAT Subject tests. The ACT’s skill set favors some students—but not all. Vogel Prep’s free ACT vs. SAT comparison test and follow-up personal consultation can determine which test is more favorable to her or him, while crafting a tailor-made strategy to increase test scores. 

Results speak for themselves. We have seen ACT result gains of 3-7 points on average, and SAT result gains of 100-300 points on average. Many of our students have been accepted in top schools or received excellent scholarships across the entire range of colleges in the USA, so save yourself and your student some time and give us a call so we can point you in the right direction from the start.