A Simple, Powerful Cognitive Approach

By Ms. Sue Fulton

As a middle school and high school teacher I worked hard to teach my students how to be skilled readers and writers and – more importantly – how to be successful learners.  But after 20 years as a high-performing, award winning teacher, I struggled everyday to discover precisely what each student needed.  Typically, I saw 125 or more students per day, for less than an hour, in groups of 25.  I yearned for something that would help every student reach their full potential.

group of happy school children or travelers running together

Now, as a Vogel Prep tutor, I’ve finally found that “something”: Vogel Prep’s unique Learning and Study Skills system.  Designed to teach students how to be active learners rather than passive receivers of information, the program is simple, yet powerful:

Step 1: The process begins with Mindprint, a valid and reliable cognitive test developed at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. It takes about an hour for a student to complete the on-line assessment which evaluates Speed, Executive Function, Complex Reasoning, and Memory, along with ten specific learning skills.  Then, Mindprint’s experts create an individualized Student Profile that provides essential information about a student’s learning strengths and weaknesses.

Step 2: Following the assessment, Vogel’s experts will review your student’s Profile Report and recommendations with you.  You will receive a copy of the full report which can also be shared with your student’s teachers.

Step 3:  Explore the Mindprint follow-up options available at Vogel Prep, then enroll your student in a program that best meets your student’s needs. Options include:

·         Cognitive Learning and Study Skills for Middle School Success

·         Cognitive Learning and Study Skills for High School Success

·         Cognitive Learning with Mindprint Tool Kit

·         Cognitive Reading with Q-Read

·         Cognitive Test Edge (test focus and stress management for classroom and standardized tests)

Call 480-990-7374 or e-mail us @ info@vogelprep.com today to discuss how Vogel Prep can help your student become a self-sufficient, self-motivated learner with the tools needed for school success.