Preventing Summer Learning Loss

Ensure Students Retain Knowledge, and are Prepared for the School Year

For students in Phoenix, summer offers a nice reprieve from the often breakneck pace of the school year.  Routines often become less stringent, and learning often falls to the wayside in lieu of leisure. Yet with the college admissions process becoming ever more competitive, students frankly can’t afford to forget what they’ve learned during the previous year.  That’s precisely why Vogel Prep Tutors offers Summer Programs.  Designed to help students retain what they learned in the previous years, learn new skills and acquire new knowledge, focus on areas of study needing improvement, and prepare for the coming 2016-2017 school year.


 Summer learning loss is a documented phenomenon. All of the long hours Savannah, GA students spent studying, completing homework, and learning in class may be for naught, if the skills and knowledge acquired are forgotten during the three-month summer break. Operating like any other muscle, the brain responds to exercise. That’s why it’s essential to consider a summertime academic tune-up: to reinforce lessons learned during the previous year school year and to prepare for the school year to come.

At Vogel Prep we offer both private and small-class tutoring options so that students can stay engaged and academically active during the summer holiday. Our one-on-one tutoring affords a tailor-made study experience, customized to address each student’s unique strengths, weaknesses, and short and long term academic goals.  Our small classes and summer boot camps provide an ideal environment for group study, allowing students to enjoy socializing while gaining an edge on any upcoming college entrance exams, such as the ACT, PSAT, SAT, and SAT II Subject Tests. 

We also offer summer courses that tackle both the fundamentals and the forefront of academia, with focus areas including: building better study skills, public speaking, Phyton computer programming, and more. No matter the varying interests of a student, he or she deserves the opportunity to hone their skills in an environment that fosters a comprehensive, strategic approach to learning. Whether in small classes, boot camps, or through one-on-one study, our tutors craft strategies that cater to each and every student’s learning style and goals. 

By using a small fraction of the summer break to refresh what has been learned, acquire new knowledge and prep for next year’s academic load, students have the best opportunity to succeed in the coming year.  

Whatever your student’s academic needs may be, Vogel Prep has a summer program that can help. Contact us today at 480.990.7374, or via email at