4 Reasons Arizona Students Need To Be Reading More

It’s almost impossible to underestimate the importance and value of reading. Most children are read to as infants and reading is certainly one of the first things Phoenix area students tackle in their early school years. It’s a cornerstone of education in virtually every society around the world. As students ascend the ranks, reading comprehension becomes essential to developing reasoning, problem solving skills, and a holistic understanding of virtually all disciplines.

Of course, Phoenix students develop reading comprehension skills with various levels of ease, and unfortunately many fall behind as concepts and school work become more complex, because their reading comprehension isn’t as strong as necessary to succeed in school. 

But even students in Scottsdale and surrounding areas with a solid grasp of reading and reading comprehension can still benefit from tips, tricks, and review to maximize their understanding of what they have read—whether it be a textbook, homework instructions, the SAT or ACT, or for pleasure.

Aside from the obvious educational benefits that a strong reading skills and reading comprehension afford, there are plenty of other benefits to intentionally focusing on becoming the best reader you can be.

1.      Reading is terrific exercise.

Young beautiful girl reading a book outdoor

Well, reading may not exactly burn a ton of calories, but it does provide an excellent workout for your mind. The brain is a muscle, so reading is essentially brain exercise.  Reading requires the brain to complete a relatively complex task that involves processing language, understanding the concepts within, and relating the two. Even in the scorching summer months which keep most of us indoors for much of the day, reading is a far more productive brain-active activity than say, watching a TV marathon. Additionally, the more you read, the easier and better you comprehend what you’ve read, which is particularly helpful for academic improvement and success.

2.      Reading fosters concentration.

This may seem obvious, but reading generally requires us to sit still, be quiet, and focus exclusively on the text in front of us. By practicing reading or learning reading comprehension techniques from a tutor or small class such as those offered in Scottsdale at Vogel Prep students can increase their ability to sit and focus for longer and longer stretches of time. In other words, healthy reading habits typically lead to healthy study habits.

3.      Reading makes students better writers.

Everyone knows that practice makes perfect, and reading is no different. By reading regularly, students vastly increase their vocabulary, sentence construction, and ability to identify and apply writing techniques and themes. Avid readers make great writers—a skill that’s handy for crafting the perfect college admissions essay, acing the SAT writing section or SAT II Subject tests, or crafting a killer term paper.

4.      Reading develops emotional maturity.

When we read, whether for pleasure or for an assignment, our technical abilities are exercised, but so are our imaginations and relational skills. By reading, students fundamentally put themselves in someone else’s shoes, imagine new scenarios, and figuratively travel to places and participate in situations far beyond what’s available in their daily lives. By building everyday empathy, reading develops emotional maturity and social skills that can then be applied in all facets of life, from work to relationships, and beyond.

Reading and reading comprehension are essential skills that are constantly put to the test, in and out of the classroom. A brush-up class or a one-on-one tutoring session in reading and reading comprehension with an experienced, skilled and respected tutor or instructor can make all the difference when it comes to prepping for various tests, and long term academic success.  No matter a student’s reading skill level, Vogel Prep offers a tailor-made approach to tutoring in reading that aims to identify and cater to a student’s strengths, weaknesses, and academic goals.

Vogel Test Prep offers private tutoring and small group classes for students in Phoenix’s East Valley including those from Scottsdale, Arcadia, Paradise Valley and Fountain Hills, who are looking to elevate their scores on exams including the SAT Subject Tests. With our conveniently located tutoring center at 13951 N Scottsdale Rd in Scottsdale, Vogel Prep also provides academic advising services to students and their families. 

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