6 Reasons Students Need to take SAT Subject Tests

While the SAT takes a broad, comprehensive approach to aptitude testing, the SAT Subjects tests hone in on specific subject areas that challenge a student’s working knowledge of a certain field of study. When it comes to the SAT Subject Test, there are 20 diverse subject options to choose from to best highlight a student’s particular academic strengths.


Determining Which SAT Subject Tests Students in Metro Phoenix Should Take

With over 20 different options of SAT Subjects Tests, it may seem like a daunting prospect to try to determine which subjects a student should take. Try not to get overwhelmed. First, consider your academic strengths. Do you have a knack for history? A special capability when it comes to chemistry? Choose the subjects that you both enjoy, and that you excel in, as potential SAT Subject Tests to take.

Next, consider the requirements or recommendations from the colleges you’re dreaming of attending. Showcasing your specific academic abilities via SAT Subject Tests is a great way to stand out to college admission committees.  In other words, scoring well on SAT Subject Tests will separate you from the pack of students who excelled at the general SAT, but didn’t bother with the program’s recommendation for an SAT Subject Test.

6 Reasons Phoenix East Valley Students Need to Take SAT Subject Tests

1.      Colleges May Require SAT Subject Tests

Certain schools require SAT Subject Tests in addition to general SAT results. If you’re applying to a specific program, the school to which you’re applying may require or recommend a relevant SAT Subject Test to get a better accounting of your academic ability. To learn which schools recommend or require SAT Subject Tests, click here.

2.      SAT Subject Tests Can Help You Stand Out

Even if you scored high on your general SAT, the addition of an SAT Subject Test can showcase your specific academic talents, highlight your interests, or potentially even make up for lower grades or scores on other exams.

3.      Get a Jumpstart on College Credit

Some colleges offer course credit to those who score well on certain SAT Subject Tests. As such, taking SAT Subject Tests can help you get a jumpstart on your college schedule and help you bypass introductory level courses in your field.

4.      Provide a Window into Your Life Outside of the Classroom

Taking the SAT Subject Tests can help create a more comprehensive “picture” of a student applicant. Perhaps you took weekend or college courses, were an active participant in a club outside of school. If your extracurricular interests can be highlighted through an SAT Subject Test, you are liable to appear a more well-rounded candidate.

5.      Showcase Your Strengths

International, multilingual, and/or homeschooled students are great examples of students who almost unanimously benefit from taking SAT Subject Tests, because they showcase your unique talents and strengths, even if your schooling until now has been unconventional.  background.

6.      Illustrate Your Interests

If you’re aiming for a certain program or field of study in college, positive results on an SAT Subject Test can clearly illustrate your academic readiness to study at the secondary level.

When Should Students in the Metro Phoenix Area take SAT Subject Tests?

Generally, the best time to take an SAT Subject Test is right after you’ve completed a course in that field of study—that way the material is freshest in your mind come test time. However, in some instances, as in the case of Languages for example, it may be best to wait until you’ve completed 2-3 years of study before attempting an SAT Language Subject Test.


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